About ME

Since 2007, I have been providing professional theatrical technical support for various venues around the capital region. Theatrical technical support services provided by Carter include lighting design, lighting operation, sound design, sound operation, set design, set construction, projection design, projection operation, temporary electrical installations in stage settings, temporary carpentry installations in stage settings, and theatrical equipment maintenance and repair.

Carter Irwin
Designer and Technician

Carter was born in 1990 to Katherine Sullivan, a writer and social worker, and Mike Irwin, a full time stand up comedian and comedy club manager. He spent much of his early youth traveling on the road with his parents as his father toured the country doing comedy shows. As a teenager he found an interest in running the lighting board for his high school theater productions. He recieved an amazing oppertunity in his Junior and Senior years of high school to study in a technical theatre vocational program, which led him to begin work doing freelance lighting design and operation. He has spent two years in an Theater Arts Associates Degree program, and has six years of professional experience in design, drafting, installation, and operation of both lighting and sound systems.

Carter is a proven leader, having technically managed over three hundred unique events. Types of events include dance company recitals, various orchestral performances, choirs, rock bands, djs, children’s theater performances, puppet shows, musical theater performances, professional theater performances at a large regional theater, various administrative galas, dinners, conferences, auctions, and various college classes and lectures. He also shows solid troubleshooting and problem solving skills that has been a valuable asset to keeping events moving smoothly and quickly to ensure you enjoy your event to the fullest.

Carter is proficient with all Leprechaun boards, Luminair for iPad, Clarity, Horizon Marquee, Chauvet Obey, ETC Express, Expression, ION, and Congo Jr console programming and operation. He is skilled in Vectorworks, Lightwright, Resolume, Pixelnode, Quartz Composer, djay, Torq, VirtualDJ, Ableton, ProTools, Audacity, GarageBand, Logic, and LightJockey software and can use them in design, studio, and live applications. He has extensive lighting fixture repair experience on many types of lighting fixtures, such as Leyco shutter replacement, LED replacement in various fixtures, plug conversions, base rewiring, plug rewiring, lens replacement in Lycos, Fresnels and source four's. He has experience building lighting packages for venues and has consulted on multiple medium scale projects for venues with capacities ranging from 100 to 950 patrons.


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